Choosing Google AdWords keywordsWhen building or running your Google AdWords campaign, it is absolutely essential to choose the right keywords.  This will ensure that your ad is found by the right people, looking for your products or services.  The performance of different AdWords keywords is not always easy to predict, but there are a few things you can do to make sure that you use the best possible keywords.

Align your keywords with your business goals

It helps to take a step back and think from your potential customer’s perspective.  If you were using Google and you were looking for a company providing your products and services, what would you type into the search bar?  Those are the keywords that you should start with.  It also helps to get ideas from other people that are not necessarily associated with your business, like friends or family members.

Also keep your goals in mind.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who searches for those specific keywords will match your business goals.  For example, a web developer could use the keywords “web design” with success.  But let’s say a student searches for “web design courses”.  The web developer’s ad will qualify to show for that search, but it will be completely irrelevant, potentially wasting a click.

Use different match types

By default, keywords are added to Google AdWords as “Broad Match”.  This essentially means that those keywords can be matched with search terms in any order, with any sequence of other words before and after the keywords.  This leads to keywords like “leak detection” for a plumber to match with a search term like “how to detect and fix a car aircon leak”, which is totally irrelevant.  Even “water leak detection” could match with a search related to car radiator leaks.

That’s why Google added different match types to AdWords.  Instead of using Broad Match, you can now change your AdWords keywords to a number of different match types for better results.  One very useful match type is “Phrase Match”.  This means that only search terms containing that exact phrase, with the words in that exact sequence, will be matched with your keywords.  For example, using “water leak detection” as a phrase match would effectively eliminate the aircon gas leak search term, but not necessarily the search related to the radiator leak.  For that you could use “Exact Match”, which means that only searches for that exact term will match with your keywords.

There is no 100% guaranteed way to use any of the different match types.  Different match types will have different results with each keyword or phrase.

Visit Google Trends

Sometimes you could choose a keyword that seems perfect for your purposes, but even the most perfect keyword would be useless if nobody searched for it.  That’s where Google Trends comes in.  On Google Trends you can see exactly what search terms people are searching for in your area, which ones are the most popular, or how often a certain phrase is searched.  This could give you a few good ideas for AdWords keywords to use in your campaigns.

Keyword use in ad text and landing page

Google assigns a quality score to each keyword.  This quality score affects the position that your ads will show in as well as the cost per click that you will actually pay.  The higher the quality score, the better the position of your ad in the search results, and the lower the cost per click, generally speaking.

So how do you improve the quality score?  By making sure that your keywords are in the ad text as well as on the landing page that the ad is linking to.  Improving your keyword use in your ads themselves, as well as the content of the landing page, will improve the performance of your ads for those specific keywords.

Final Thoughts

Setting up and managing a Google AdWords campaign could easily turn into a full-time job.  It usually involves a process of trial and error, making mistakes and learning from them.  If all of this feels like too much effort, you can always look at Hosting101’s Google AdWords Management service and have us do it for you.

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