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A professional well-written LinkedIn profile is an advantage to your career and business. In this blog we explore how you can build a professional LinkedIn profile: Keep it professional and honest Include a profile photo Don’t skip the Summary Include photos and other multimedia Give and ask recommendations and endorsements Network in groups Having a >>> Read More

The Hashtag

Liezé Groenewald #trumpenmexico #‎loveliestcouples  ‪#‎cutesywookiepookie  ‪#‎kissykissywissy ‪#‎huggyhugs ‪#b‎romancing ‪#‎foreverandalways  ‪#‎bffff ‪#‎togetherforever  ‪#‎happisestest  ‪#‎loveherandhim ‪#‎lovehimandher ‪#‎prettiestgirlintheworld ‪#‎funinthesun ‪#biggest‎smile Seeing these mysterious phrases pop up on social media (SM) initially had me thinking that somebody must have been drunk-texting or that something went awry and their hash key somehow got swapped with the space bar? It all >>> Read More

Social media plays a major role in your business search engine optimization efforts. Your social media presence directly influences media search engines. While indexing content, one of the major factors taken into consideration by search engines is social media. The strong and powerful effect of social media on SEO should not therefore be underestimated. Sharing >>> Read More

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Are you relevant online? You know Google, but does Google know you? Is your website geared and optimized to really bring in more customers? Is your business brand portraying you and your product effectively? Hosting101 can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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