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With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, customers often come to us with the question, “Which is better, Google AdWords or Facebook ads?” Though this is a very important question, it doesn’t have a very straight forward answer.  But we will attempt to answer it anyway. Facebook: The Good and the Bad The developers behind >>> Read More

google plus for business

In June 2011, Google joined the thousands of people trying to develop “the next Facebook” when they launched Google+.  Due to the social media explosion at the time, many people had high expectations for a social media platform created and operated by the mighty Google. However, a few months into the experiment it became apparent >>> Read More

Why Use Facebook for Business

This blog will examine why your business should definitely use Facebook for marketing purposes: Some of the key points we will examine are: Reach Effectiveness through case studies Facebook for small businesses Is it worth going through the effort of creating a Facebook page and posting regular updates about your business? After all it is >>> Read More

Digital Marketing in South Africa

Written by Liezé Groenewald Highlights: This article explores the use of Digital Marketing by South African businesses by discussing: South Africans, Social Media and the Web Digital Marketing for Your business Case studies of South Africans businesses who has successful Digital Marketing campaigns South Africans, Social Media and the web In a 2015 report released >>> Read More

Marketing has changed significantly since the inception of the worldwide web. Your grandfather had a very different approach to marketing than you would have today. Digital Marketing provides many appealing ways to reach potential and existing customers and many people seem to think that Marketing is on its last legs. How do these approaches differ >>> Read More

What is Digital Marketing

In this article we will discuss what Digital Marketing comprises of as well as examine the origins of Digital Marketing. Introduction to Digital Marketing Origin of Digital Marketing What is Digital Marketing? The past three decades have seen more technological changes than ever before and ultimately businesses had to adapt the way they operate and >>> Read More

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