Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way for you to identify visitors to your website and tag them in a way that allows you to market to them repeatedly?  Well, the good news is that Google is already way ahead of you, with the implementation of Google AdWords Remarketing.

What does Google AdWords Remarketing do?

AdWords Remarketing is Google’s way of identifying those people who have visited your website, perhaps without purchasing your product or service, and then targeting them with your Google AdWords ads again and again over a period of time.

Maybe you’ve encountered this yourself before, perhaps on Facebook (which uses its own Remarketing system) or other websites displaying Google advertisements.  Have you ever visited a company website, or maybe an online retailer or ecommerce site, just to go back to Facebook or some other website or blog and see ads for that company or website everywhere, sometimes even weeks after visiting it the first time?

That’s effective Remarketing.

How does Remarketing work?

First you need to set up a Google AdWords campaign.  Usually display ads are preferred for Remarketing since they can target specific groups of people with specific interests in common, with graphical ads displayed on websites based on those interests.  That makes display advertising perfect for brand building and brand awareness campaigns, which also makes display ads perfect for Remarketing.

Once the campaign is built, you then get a Remarketing Code from Google.  This code should then be built into your website, preferably in a place where it can register no matter what page people visit or how long they spend on your site.

This code will then “tag” the person visiting your website.  This “tag” will identify the visitor in the future when they visit another website displaying Google ads, and Google will then show your advertisement to that visitor.

Why would this benefit me?

Since this person found your website in the first place, they were probably searching for someone who can deliver your product or service.  Maybe they purchased from you, or maybe not.

If they purchased from you, chances are that they might need the same service or product again at some point in the future, or recommend it to family or friends.  Remarketing keeps your name and your website front and centre in their minds.

If they didn’t purchase from you, it’s possible that they were simply not ready to purchase yet, but are looking to buy in the future.  Effective use of Remarketing will remind them of the purchase that they want to make and help them to remember you when they’re ready to make that purchase.  Having your ads pop up all the time will also give them fast and easy access to your website and your contact details.

In conclusion

If you are already using Google AdWords, but you’re not using AdWords Remarketing yet, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.  If it all seems a bit complicated, or will simply take up too much of your time, Hosting101 can help you to keep on bringing your customers back to your website through our AdWords Management service.

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