Google RemarketingWe’ve probably all seen the process of Google AdWords Remarketing at work, whether we realize it or not.  If you’ve ever been to a company’s website and afterwards seen their ads popping up all over the place when you browse other websites, then you’ve been tagged by that company’s remarketing code.

Why use Google Remarketing?

When people want to buy something it usually doesn’t happen instantly.  Days, weeks or months of planning, research and study goes into the process, especially if it’s an expensive product or service.  Often people will find your website in this process, especially if you already run a Google AdWords campaign.  Some of these visitors may like your offering and purchase immediately, or at least contact you for some more information.

But many of these website visitors may still be in the research phase and not quite ready to purchase yet.  The problem with this is that, once they’ve made their decision, they often can’t remember the name of your company or your website address.

Google AdWords Remarketing will keep your brand top-of-mind through repeated exposure to your ads, so when they are ready to purchase you will be the first one they think of.

How does Google Remarketing work?

Google Remarketing uses Google’s AdWords platform, and specifically the Display Network, which is the huge network of Google partner sites that display banner-type graphical ads sourced from Google.  These partner sites include news sites, online retailers and traders, general research sites, along with literally millions of personal and business blogs.

When you build a Google AdWords Remarketing campaign, Google generates a piece of code that you or your web developer can then add to your website, or only to certain pages on your website.  Once a person visits your website, regardless of the source they’re coming from, the Remarketing code “tags” this visitor’s web browser, if they match the criteria you specified for the remarketing campaign.

When this visitor now browses to another website that’s part of the Google Display Network, they will see your ads displayed.  This can be set to display for only a few days, or even weeks or months.

So how can you get Google Remarketing to work for you?

When you go into AdWords and create a new Display Network campaign, you will have the option to choose “Get Customers to buy on your website (Includes Remarketing)”.

Alternatively you can go to “Shared Libraries” > “Audiences” to create a Remarketing list.

Once you’ve completed all the particulars and specific settings, as well as loaded all your ads, Google will then provide you with the Remarketing Code, which you or your web developer can simply add to your website.

You can always go back to your campaign settings and Shared Libraries to view the customer base you’ve built up, and you can make changes to the settings to get it more targeted.

Final Thoughts

Google AdWords Remarketing can be a tremendously effective digital marketing strategy, that could be used in many ways to increase your sales and brand awareness.  But if this all seems like a bit too much effort, you can always get Hosting101 do to it for you as a part of our Google AdWords Management Service.



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