A blog (which is short for “weblog”) is one of the most important things you can have on your website from a content marketing and search engine optimization perspective, yet many people still don’t understand why it is necessary to have a blog or to post to it frequently.

In this blog post we will look at some of the reasons why it is important to post to a blog frequently.

Blog posts draw the right people to your website

Publishing a blog post about topics that are important to your industry will draw people with similar interests, or with questions about your product or service, to your website.  This could lead to potential future partnerships and customers.

A well-written blog that welcomes comments and feedback is the most basic form of networking over the internet.  As with any type of networking, the more often you do this the better the results will be for you and your business.

A blog post establishes you as a professional and expert in your field

Many of us don’t see ourselves as experts.  We are simply people who have explored some field that is of interest to us and have learned as much as we could about it.  And while you might not consider yourself as the expert, your quest and thirst for self-improvement will definitely benefit those on the same path to gain knowledge in a specific field, making you the perfect candidate to share what you have learned in regular blog posts.

You could soon find that people start coming to you for information, or even referencing you in their own posts, articles and other discussions.  This means that you receive more recognition in your field and your personal and business brand is strengthened.

Google loves content

All search engines want to provide their users with the best, latest, and most relevant content available.  Making sure that you share the latest information on a regular basis could turn your blog into the go-to spot for people who want to stay up to date.

The more Google recognises that your content is constantly being kept up to date and kept relevant, the more they will improve your website’s reach on their search engine.  This means more traffic to your website, more networking opportunities and more potential customers.

It helps you with your sales skills

A blog, along with the comments you receive, will tell you more about the typical questions your customers have.  You can then use this information to improve your marketing material and sales skills.  By answering these questions when you see a potential customer you can improve your success and closing ratio considerably.


Writing a blog could be a time consuming process and isn’t always easy or fun for everyone.  But the rewards far outweigh the costs if you implement the right principles and you publish your blog posts regularly.






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