Choosing a Digital Marketing AgencyHow does one choose a Digital Marketing Agency? Consult the experts to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you need to appoint a digital marketing agency?
  • What to keep in mind when shopping around for a digital marketing agency
  • How to go about in finding a digital marketing agency
  • Conclusion

Your business has grown so much that you can’t possibly do everything yourself any more or you realise you aren’t the digital marketing expert you thought you were.

It’s time to invest in a digital marketing agency, but where do you start? Firstly, you must examine why it is a good idea to appoint a digital marketing agency and to determine what you wish to achieve by outsourcing your business’ digital marketing.

Why do you need to appoint a digital marketing agency?

The shift from conventional marketing to digital marketing has taken the world by storm and it is still evolving. Most of the marketing channels we are using today weren’t even available to us ten years ago and inventive marketers are thinking up new ways to use modern technology.  Freya Jones, founder and CEO of Digital AdDoctor, can think of several reasons why you should invest in a professional digital marketing agency to do the work for you.

Freya believes that outsourcing your marketing ensures that your campaign will stay vibrant and relevant because an agency will have the desire to perform well all the time to prevent them from losing your business.

Freya also points out by appointing a digital marketing agency to do your marketing for you, your business won’t have suffer due to disruptions caused by your own personnel such as illness, leave or resignations that could potentially pause, delay or halt marketing campaigns.

“You can’t suddenly stop blogging for a few weeks over the festive season. If you do, Google will notice and your organic rankings will take a hit. Opting to use an agency means that you’ll never have to worry about staff leave or gaps in delivery. To put it bluntly, that’s their problem,” she explains.

She also offers other valid arguments in favour of appointing a digital marketing agency:

  • It is more affordable because you get access to a team consisting of experts in different fields.
  • You gain a fresh perspective from people who aren’t involved in your business.
  • Your marketing campaign will always stay fresh and updating because agencies must stay on top of all new trends and skills to stay relevant.
  • You don’t have to worry about marketing and can focus completely on running your business.
  • Your business has the benefit of having a team of marketing experts who know what they are doing.
  • You have access to all the latest technology.[1]

What to keep in mind when shopping around for a digital marketing agency

Renowned businessman, influencer and online marketer, Neil Patel, who admits that he also tends to want to do everything himself, says your digital marketing campaign is essential to the success of your business and that is why you should get the right agency for the job.

“It is extremely important to learn how to recognize capable professionals who are always on top of current trends in the marketing world,” he emphasizes.

In an article for the Huffington Post: “How to select the correct digital marketing agency”, Neil has highlighted certain key aspects to take in account:

  • Do thorough research on Agencies you are considering to ensure they are capable, legitimate, reliable and reputable. He especially warns against hiring overseas agencies, marketers who are very cheap and unknown marketers who aren’t listed with appropriate marketing bodies and business forums.
  • Don’t be tempted to cut corners by hiring an agency with low pricing as this could cost your business dearly in the end.
  • Check the Agency’s credibility by looking at their website, client list, whether they have won any awards, testimonials and reviews.
  • Will you be able to work with these people for a long time and do they understand your business and its needs?[2]

How to go about in selecting a digital marketing agency

George Harris, founder and managing director of Web Method offers some fool-proof suggestions on how you can go about in selecting the agency that is perfect for you, once you have done your homework to create a shortlist of candidates.

Harris points out that hiring an agency is the same as appointing a new staff member and that is how one should approach the process – a job interview.

“Making sure that an agency is qualified to deliver on a brief and will remain accountable throughout a campaign or project is something you would equally expect of an employee,” he says.

Harris’ approach includes the following valuable actions to ensure you find the correct digital agency for your business:

  • Decide what you want the agency to do for your business and prepare your brief accordingly.
  • Do they make use of outsourcing and how could this affect your relationship with them and their service to your business?
  • How will they go about in defining the business relationship with regards to formal feedback such as regular reports, meetings and progress tracking tools?
  • Don’t interview only one agency, even if you are convinced that they are The One, interview other agencies as well to compare pricing and services AND to negotiate fair pricing.
  • Meet other people in the team you will be working with and visit their offices to see if their infrastructure is up to scratch.
  • Once you have decided to commit to an agency, be sure to check their references before you sign anything.[3]


Hiring a digital marketing agency should be done by approaching the process with introspect, intense scrutiny, thorough research and by investing time and thought when finding the correct agency for your business. By following the suggestions provided by experts you should be able to choose a digital marketing agency that you will be able to work with and people who will enhance your business.




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