Business RecipesBusiness can be tricky, but having gotten off to a great start with a functional user-friendly website, good Search Engine Optimisation and just the right Google AdWords you are set for life.

Although you are seemingly on the right track, things aren’t going your way and you are not clinching the sales and growing a thriving business the way you are supposed to, so what could be wrong?

You then realise that leads aren’t being converted into deals. Imagine if there was a recipe for business success?

Michael Wood, a business skills specialist in Pretoria sheds light on the predicament. “Business people need vital business skills to turn every business opportunity into an opportunity gained rather than an opportunity lost,” he explains.

“The “Dos” &” Don’ts” of managing and marketing a business are never quite as transparent or as challenging as they first seem. Business ownership and management is a lot tougher than what you thought when you first started out. In making the inevitable mistakes that business owners do, you pick up, in time, skills which in themselves become vital to your growth,” he elaborates.

Wood has found that only relying on experience to improve skills, adds extra pressure to one’s business and service delivery.

“Ostensibly, identifying your target market, consolidating your brand, streamlining your offerings and refining your service delivery are mostly mechanical processes. However, it is your tactics and interaction practices that mostly determine your success,” he says.

“Once you engage, it is really up to individual skills. Improving your skills, improves your confidence. Increased confidence enables quicker skills uptake. If you fail at the engagement or interaction stage due to lack of skills or confidence, you have simply wasted time, money and damaged your brand,” he adds.

He has been focusing on equipping business people to have the best possible chance of succeeding with their tactics and engagements, and therefore wasting as little resources as possible.

His company, aptly called Business Recipes, provides people with vital business and marketing skills through a unique delivery model.

Having developed a range of workshops he provides business people with the skills and knowledge to improve their performance and ultimately grow their businesses.

Wood and his team can help people improve a variety of skills from converting leads in to sales, business presentation skills and negotiation to brand positioning and social media and tactical marketing to name a few.

Wood’s own Business Recipe for making his clients achieve success is simple;” We don’t grow businesses. We grow People.”

“I would like to personally thank you for the workshop “business presentation skills” that took place last month, I really came out of it as a totally different person and more confident about my business and now know how to sell it to people.” (Kgothatso Nong, Managing Director, Frost Bar)

For more information about Business Recipes’ business building workshops, presented by Michael Wood, visit the Business Recipes website.

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